Features To Keep in Mind While Selecting the Online Seafood Store


Online seafood options include everything from complete wild-caught fish to farm-raised seafood fillets and everything in between. Some sites focus on a specific region, such as Alaskan or Maine-sourced seafood, while others provide a wide variety of crustaceans and freshwater fish from around the world.


Subscribing to an online seafood share is generally more sustainable because you can buy from a community-supported fishery, securing a portion of local catch before it even reaches the beach. Shopping for seafood online usually results in higher-quality fish at a lower cost, and it takes the uncertainty out of meal planning. There are several subscription options available.


To stay as fresh as possible, most seafood is carried overnight using dry ice. Because of the practicalities, orders must frequently be over a specific weight and value to be worthwhile—if you’re not ready to load your freezer with five pounds of fish, try sharing with a neighbor.


Our seas aren’t a buffet; the online seafood suppliers we recommend prioritize sustainability. Check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch app to see which fish are the most environmentally friendly to consume at any given time.

Top Picks for Buying Online Seafood in US

There is a huge variety of online store in US where you can find fresh and tempting seafood so, let’s get started.

Fulton Fish Market

The largest consortium of seafood wholesalers in the United States is situated in the Bronx. It supplies fish to many of New York’s best restaurants, as well as restaurants across the country, and has a well-oiled direct-to-consumer sales operation. Home-sized, individually cryovaced servings of top-quality fish, as well as a vast shellfish selection, are key selling points. Subscribe to seafood shares, stock your freezer with assorted boxes, or treat yourself to a special supper at home with uni, octopus, and caviar.

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow features some of the most inexpensive (and excellent) meats and seafood available for online ordering. It’s a well-known food delivery service with an easy-to-use website. The site also has a visual showing how to cook fish, which I saved for later because I always cook by winging it. Crowd Cow offers a diverse selection of seafood, including Wild Alaskan Golden King Crab and Icelandic Arctic Char, all at affordable prices. If you care about sustainability, Crowd Cow does an excellent job of explaining what sustainably-caught fish means and how it is implemented in their process.

Thrive Market

You’ve probably heard of Thrive Market, especially with the growing popularity of food delivery services in the face of a pandemic. Did you know that Thrive Market also sells meat and seafood? You can “Build Your Own Seafood Box” with salmon, cod, shrimp, scallops, and other seafood. The bundle includes seafood discounts, which is ideal for fish lovers, pescatarians, and those with a large freezer. There’s a “Wild-Caught Sockeye Fish Box” with 20 to 25 pieces of salmon for salmon lovers. Though they don’t have the largest selection, if you’re already shopping from Thrive Market, ordering your meat and seafood there is a wonderful way to supplement your order without having to subscribe to another service.

Giovanni’s Fish Market & Galley

Giovanni’s Fish Market delivers fresh seafood throughout the United States. It offers a diverse range of seafood, from crab to oysters to smoked fish to sushi. To make making dinner a one-stop shop, the website also sells sauces, soups, and seasonings that you can purchase alongside your seafood. Everything will be dispatched overnight as soon as you place your order.

Maine Lobster Now

Maine Lobster Now delivers fresh Maine lobster right to your door. Of course, it has more to offer than just lobster. Sea scallops, shellfish, fresh fish, and even soups and chowders are currently available. Maine Lobster Now, unlike other sites, allows you to buy by the piece, pound, or case, which is ideal for those of us who cook for one or have roommates who share a freezer. It’s also ideal for large families or those looking to store up as the weather cools down. If that isn’t enough to entice you, they also serve delicious lobster mac and cheese.


All of these businesses ship across the United States, and each one offer a slightly different set of options and products. They can be a great way to get your seafood fix without the hassle of going to the supermarket or the fish market, and their prices are often good deals. So whether you live in a city on the coast and want somewhere easier to order from than your local fish monger, or you’re landlocked in a more rural area and need some inspiration for what else is out there between salmon fillets and cod, we hope our recommendations prove useful.


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