The craziest time of the year is coming up fast, and you likely have  a lot of fun Halloween activities planned, like building your own DIY costumes, going to your local pumpkin patch, and deciding what to serve for dinner on Halloween.

Considering that you’ve certainly been honoring Halloween your entire existence, it may all seem a little stale by this point. But there may still be a lot about the occasion, also known as All-Hallows Eve, that you don’t know. We’ve compiled some spooky and unexpected Halloween fun facts below to help you sharpen up on your knowledge.

Fun Facts About Halloween Day:

Halloween has some roots in a long-ago Celtic festival:

Halloween born fire

Based on the History Channel, the festival of Samhain, which was held 2,000 years ago on October 31 on the celebration of their new year, is where Halloween got its start. The Celts set bonfires on that night and dressed up in costumes because they thought that was when the dead came back to earth. There is no doubt that this is one of the most famous Halloween fun facts.

People would trick-or-treat for food and beverages:

Halloween Ghost dress

Forget about collecting popular Halloween candy; the first instances of trick-or-treating had people dressed up as ghosts or evil monsters and requesting food and beverages. No happy and joyful costumes were present!

Halloween is generally linked with the colors black and orange:

Halloween Theme

Even though you might not be surprised by this Halloween truth, did you realize what the two colors meant?

According to legend, black symbolizes the chilly, dismal winter, whereas orange stands for power, perseverance, and autumn! Black also represents death, reminding us that Halloween used to be a holiday dedicated to honoring the dead.

For the quantity of candy caloric intake on Halloween, it would take 44 hours of walking:

Halloween Candy

Halloween fun facts for today are that we think the average child will consume close to 7,000 calories of candy. You would need to walk for 44 days to burn off that much!

U.S. consumers spend billions on Halloween:

Halloween Costumes

Halloween may not seem like a holiday where individuals spend a lot of money, but according to the National Retail Association, Americans invested more than $8.8 billion on it in 2019. All of that candy and attire is a lot!

In the past, certain Halloween customs involved marriage:

A boy holding her wife hand

Solitary women created the customs of Halloween in the 18th century to aid them in finding a mate. Women once threw apple peels over their shoulders in the hopes that they would land with their future husband’s initials carved into the pattern. The winner would allegedly marry first when they dipped for apples at gatherings. They even would hold a candle in front of a mirror while standing in a dark room as they searched for the image of their future husband.

In 2021, the witch Halloween costume was the most popular Halloween costume:

Witch Halloween Costumes

There are numerous Halloween costumes to pick from, from traditional store-bought outfits to quick DIYs! What will you be wearing as this year? Have fun and enjoy themselves while dressing up. On this day, it’s so fun to learn about Halloween fun facts.

In 2021, both adults and kids preferred the witch Halloween costume, based on a recent study. And this Halloween truth would not come as a surprise given the success of the Marvel comic book character Scarlet Witch!

Halloween phobia is termed as samhainophobia:

Spooky Halloween

While many people enjoy the spooky ambiance of Halloween, not everyone thinks the horror is amusing. According to Fortune, some people experience samhainophobia, or a fear of Halloween. Now that you are familiar of the origins of Halloween, you could assume that the phrase comes from Samhain, the Gaelic festival that acted as its model.

Halloween fun facts include the fastest time for carving a pumpkin at 16.47 seconds:

halloween pumkin

New Yorker Stephen Clarke, who carved his quick lantern in October 2013, holds the honor from the Guinness Book of World Records. The jack-o’-lantern needed to include a full face, including eyes, a nose, a mouth, and ears, in order to win the title. There was no mention of the term being funny or frightful.

One of the most widely seen Halloween films is Hocus Pocus:

Halloween films is Hocus Pocus

The most well PG-rated Halloween films is Hocus Pocus, which stars Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker. They released it in 1993 and has a nice balance of the eerie and humorous.


So that’s our list of 10 fun facts to share with people you know around Halloween. And if you want to make the most of this holiday, don’t miss out on the opportunity to read some of these Halloween fun facts on the subject—especially if you’re an adult who has never really celebrated it before.



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