Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday in the United States that commemorates the first landing of John Smith and his Mayflower Compact with the Native Americans in 1620.many states and other countries also celebrated it, including Canada, Mexico and Japan.

In the United States, we observed Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November every year. We originally set the date as a holiday to honor American settlers who had come to Plymouth Plantation to establish a new colony in 1620. It was not until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln declared it an official national holiday.

The day has evolved into a family-centered feast day where Americans celebrate their harvest with turkey and stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. The day is not a religious holiday in the traditional sense, but rather an occasion to give thanks for the blessings we have been given. It is also a time when family and friends gather together to share food and fellowship, usually with a meal or feast.

Although Thanksgiving is one of the most significant cultural holidays in the United States, it is also a national holiday in Canada and Liberia. In Liberia, we observed Thanksgiving on the first Thursday of November.

HOW is it celebrated in the United States?

It is more exciting for Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with their family and friends. On this day, people eat turkey and other foods, watch movies, play football, and do other activities to celebrate this holiday.

Sending blessings cards

Thanksgiving is a day when people send millions of Thanksgiving Day cards to family and friends. Mostly people use Postal service to sends these cards, but some people use online services like eCards or Facebook for this purpose. People send these cards because they want to thank their loved ones for their love and care during the year.

Gather dinner

On thanksgiving day people have dinner together they have the opportunity to spend time with their family over a meal before.You can fill your house with delicious aromas from cooking your own turkey and stuffing or from preparing side dishes like green beans and cranberry sauce.

Watch movies

People spend time together by Watching movies on TV or online—and don’t forget about streaming services like Amazon Prime or Netflix! With all the new titles available on these services, your families will be able to watch movies together more easily than ever before!

Shops until they drop

Thanksgiving, sometimes known as Black Friday, is a different  kind of celebration for many people in the United States. Stores all throughout the country are open later and are running exclusive sales. People participate in a holiday shopping spree. Due to the renown of Black Friday deals, several stores open their doors much earlier than usual. Some companies don’t even start their sales until Friday. On the evening of Thanksgiving, they let people in. Dedicated customers have been known to form lines before stores are even open in order to take advantage of amazing discounts.

People also engage in activities other than eating

Many people participate in small charity events called turkey trots held on Thanksgiving morning. Some individuals watch Thanksgiving parades live or on television. One of the most famous parades in the country is Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Event in New York City.

On Thanksgiving, football is just as important as the dinner. Families often spend hours watching football games from the National Football League (NFL), colleges, and even high school levels. NFL teams often have home games in Dallas, Texas, and Detroit, Michigan.

Why people celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday?

Thanksgiving is based on the harvest feast the early Pilgrims held in 1621. While football is an important part of the celebration, family bonding and dining take precedence. As this holiday was invented, not based on any particular event, there are many stories associated with it.

The memories we share go far beyond tying us together, so it’s better to leave all the unimportant things in the past and enjoy this moment with those you love.


Many people in other countries also celebrate Thanksgiving. They are curious about this  holiday. They probably wonder why we celebrate this day and what we celebrate. Some of them might think that it’s related to a harvest, which is why we have food on the table.

But this isn’t true at all. Thanksgiving Day is an epic and unique occasion where Americans come together and give thanks for their independence, freedom, opportunities, and wealth. In these times when the world is changing rapidly, when there is no unity among people and families, Thanksgiving Day could serve as an example to all nations.


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